The Social Network Scores Big At Golden Globes

the social network facebook movieAfter much buzz and positive critic reviews, The Social Network has scored big at the Golden Globes awards ceremony. The Facebook Movie landed Best Picture (in the drama category), Screenplay (Aaron Sorkin), Score (Trent Reznor), and Director (David Fincher). Many will agree that this is well deserved as the movie was able to capture and dramatize the story of the silicon valley tech giant very well.

Many movie goers loved the film and thought it was one of the best movies of 2010. As in the past, how a movie does at the Golden Globes is foretelling of it's chances at the Oscars, we should know by January 25 if the movie will get any Academy Award nominations.

This is the first "tech movie" which has had such success in it's genre. No other film about a tech company has had this much buzz, remember Prates of Silicon Valley? or maybe even The King of Kong? This is definitely a sign of the times, how much technology has become a part of our lives, that a social networking site could produce such an interesting story for a movie that we could actually watch and enjoy. The Social Network to date has earned $200 Million at the box office and had production cost of $40 Million.

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