Winklevoss Twins Interview - Mark Stole Facebook

When he created Facebook, 26 year old Mark Zuckerberg made his fair share of enemies. He was accused of stealing the idea for the website, an allegation that will now play out on the big screen in the upcoming movie The Social Network. Zuckerberg's former classmates, identical twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, sued him in 2004 saying they hired Mark for help with their social network site named UConnect, then Mark stole their idea and business plan to launch his own website.

The Winklevoss twins who are Olympic rowers and now getting MBAs from a prestigious oxford university in England settled the case in 2008 for a reported $65 Million, part of it in Facebook stock. But now the Winklevoss' want the settlement vacated saying they were misled about the companies value. It seems that the Facebook drama will not only be playing on the big screen as the twins seek to gain more money from Facebook.

Here is the video of Winklevoss' being interviewed on the Today Show.


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  2. they would never have come up with facebook, not in 65 million years. its zuckerbergs baby. they just flicked the switch in marks head and he did more with it than they were ever going to! sour grapes.

  3. Wow; I never realized it, but I invented the cell phone! (I wanted a phone without a cord way back when and mentioned it to a few of my buddies from elementary school) We tried to make one with roled up paper megaphones - so I'm sure that who ever took that idea and ran with it probably owes me hundreds of millions by now! Thank you Winkelvos's!!