Facebook Unfriends The Social Network Film

facebook movie reviewThe new movie about Facebook has it's founder Mark Zuckerberg and executives up in arms. Zuckerberg has been quoted saying "The movie is fiction" and the NY Times reported that two Facebook executives, Elliot Schrage, VP of communications, and Sheryl Sandberg, the COO, saw The Social Network and both apparently hated the movie.

Hollywood usually drums up stories to give a film more flare and drama and that seems to be the case with the social network. The movie trailer gives you the impression that Facebook was started through lies and deception and so Mark Zuckerberg could be become popular at college. While there are some truths and facts behind the movie, most of it is probably over exaggerated.

Regardless of Facebook's reception of the movie, many of its members will go to see the movie about site that has become a huge part of their lives. The film should do well in theaters as it already has 500 million people associated with it already. There is also much Oscar buzz surrounding the film.

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